.  “Clear the old to make way for the new.”

The environment stimulates ones responses physically, perceptually, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The path to success is simple. 

This 31 Day Workbook engages your right brain creative nature with your left brain action. The purpose is to cultivate a learning environment for growing awareness of ones connections to:

  • how you respond in your environment
  • learning to focus attention to take action
  • how to shift circumstances using practical steps

This practical process for stimulating a deepened connection to ones environment has the potential to boost confidence and support for taking action towards what is alive in you rather than settling.

Take time to consider these daily awareness techniques and follow the steps to define your intention. For only a few minutes each day bring your intention alive through the action of making changes in your living/working space. These steps are designed to slow down and notice how your experience changes through the actions you have taken. Make your dreams come true by combining mindfulness and physical action. Co-create your space of ‘success.’ Each day follow one action tip to support the changes you seek!

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