Conscious Life Goals Creative Exercise

Tapping into core intentions increases insight!

Personal goals can turn helplessness and hopelessness into hope!

This guided pattern is designed for tapping into your intuitive sense and aligning you and your core intentions consciously with increased insight.

This creative exercise activate your right brains creative nature to balance your left brains analytical one. This artful inner expression of intentions can balance lifestyle qualities and integrate a mindset for thinking, speaking and taking action.  It becomes a change agent to increase motivation to take action. These steps are like a guided labyrinth pathway connecting to what your heart is longing for.

In this exercise one will end up with a collage of meaningful pictures, patterns, quotes and words that will reflect the values or qualities that bring meaning to personal experiences. Each life area reflects different aspects of one’s lifestyle giving insights to any imbalance. For example, if one is giving 80 percent to the life area of career and zero percent on health or relationships, this activity can shift the focus back into balance. If one is choosing to have this imbalance due to meeting an important need in the moment, this exercise gives clarity eliminating any thoughts that may be suggesting it’s beyond ones control and may be caused from some unseen circumstance. This mindfulness frees up resistance and can increase ones vitality.

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