Eating with the Stars 30 Day Workbook Calendar for June 2020

Align with the star formation influences on physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies

Explore panning foods with the 12 Astrological signs and integrate a natural pattern to explore for increasing food connection and confidence.

The moon travels through each star constellation for a period of two to three days.  As it travels through these 12 star formations there are food suggestions to balance mental, emotional and physical functions. Each sign has a variety of carb and no carb days, meat and no meat days, dairy and no dairy days, and coffee and no coffee days and specific signs for consuming alcohol or not. There are also a variety of suggested veggies, fruits and spices for each sign.

This program integrates well and deepens the learning experiences in these learning modules:

Awareness through Communication Programs
Awareness through Eating Programs
Awareness through Living Programs
Awareness through Movement Programs
Awareness through Space Programs

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